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The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 2015

Volume 69

Yale University Press

Table of Contents


In honor of the 50th Anniversary of
The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child:

Contemporary Reflections on the Inaugural Volume 

Paul Brinich
    Looking back--and forward--at The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child '

The War against Women in Psychoanalysis

Claudia Lament
    The war against women in psychoanalysis: an introduction to the section
Sam Abrams
    Pernicious residues of foundational postulates: their impact on women

Claudia Lament
    The misuse of Bion's 'reverie-ing mother': another weapon in the war against
    women as waged in the consulting room

Rosemary Balsam
    The war on women in psychoanalytic theory building: past to present

Robert Galatzer-Levy
    Women and children last: reflections on the history of child psychoanalysis
Malkah Notman
    Is there a war on women in psychoanalysis? The disappearance of a group of
   women leaders

 Innovations in Technique

Jack Novick and Kerry Kelly Novick
    Working with "out-of-control" children--a two systems approach
Alan Sugarman 
    Monday-morning-quarterbacking: a senior analyst uses his early work
   to discuss contemporary child and adolescent psychoanalytic technique

Multiple Perspectives: Children and Adolescents on the Autistic Spectrum

Fred Volkmar and Gerrit I. Van Schalkwyk
    Autism spectrum disorders: in theory and practice
Pamela Ventola, Hannah Friedman and Devon Oosting
    Pivotal response treatment: case reports
Alexandra M. Harrison
    10 little monkeys

Maria Rhode
    Bodily aspects of language use in children on the autistic spectrum

The Application of Child Analytic Principles to Educational Models, School Consultations, and Psychopharmacology: Realizing New Partnerships

Laura Whitman
    The application of child analytic principles to educational models,
    school consultations, and psychopharmacology: realizing new partnerships:
    an introduction to the section

Leon Hoffman and Carrie Catapano
    Emotions influence cognition: the missing ingredient in school evaluations
Richard Alson, Rachel Sosland, Anne Tuohy, Nori Anna Weiler and Diane Zeitlin
    The same fish: creating space for therapeutic relationships, play and development in     a school for children with special needs

Mary A. LaLonde, Mona Dreier, Gayle Aaronson, John O'Brien
    The value of reflective functioning within an academic therapeutic nursery
Jason Gold, Sherri Kauderer, Francesca Schwartz and William Solodow
    The "space between": educating the whole child
Laura Whitman
    Child psychotherapy, child analysis and medication: a flexible, integrative approach