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The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 2013

Volume 67

Yale University Press

Table of Contents

Siblings: New Perspectives

Claudia Lament
    An Introduction
Juliet Mitchell
    Siblings: Thinking Theory
Rosemary H. Balsam
    Sibling Interaction
Karen Gilmore
    The Theory of Sibling Trauma and the Lateral Dimension
Jeanine M. Vivona
    Sibling Recognition and the Development of Identity:
    Intersubjective Consequences of Sibling Differentiation
    in the Sister Relationship
Claudia Lament
Three Contextual Frameworks for Siblingships:
Nonlinear Thinking, Disposition, and Phallocentrism

Work with Parents

Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick
    Concurrent Work with Parents of Adolescent Patients
Scott Dowling and Claudia Lament
    Dialogue with the Novicks

 Child Psychoanalysis

Paul M. Brinich
  Marianne Kris Lecture: Weaving Child Psychoanalysis: Past, Present, and Future
Ava Bry Penman
  "There Has Never Been Anything Like a Classical Child Analysis":
  Clinical Discussions with Anna Freud, 1970-1971


Lenore C.Terr
   What Becomes of Infantile Traumatic Memories?
   An Adult "Wild Child" Is Asked to Remember
Nanette C. Auerhahn
   Evolution of Traumatic Narratives: Impact of the Holocaust
   on Children of Survivors

Clinical and Theoretical Contributions

Anders Zachrisson
   The Internal/External Issue:  What is an Outer Object?
   Another Person as Object and as Separate Other in
   Object Relations Models
Olavi Hamalainen
   Commentary on Zachrisson
Etziona Israeli, Zehorit Asulin-Simhon, and Ruth Sharabany
  The Interface between Cyberspace and the Psychotherapeutic
  Space:  Relationship Avoidance and Intmacy in Adolescent
John Hitchcock
  Acute Onset of the Sinking Feeling in the Elderly:
  A Case Report and Addendum to an Article Published in
 This Annual in 1984