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The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child is recognized as a preeminent source of contemporary psychoanalytic thought. Published annually, it focuses on presenting carefully selected and edited representative articles featuring ongoing analytic research as well as clinical and theoretical contributions for use in the treatment of adults and children.

Initiated in 1945, under the early leadership of Anna Freud, Kurt and Ruth Eissler, Marianne and Ernst Kris, this series of volumes soon established itself as a leading reference source of study. To look at its contributors is to be confronted with the names of a stellar list of creative, scholarly pioneers who willed a rich heritage of information about the development and disorders of children and their influence on the treatment of adults as well as children. An innovative section, The Child Analyst at Work, periodically provides a forum for dialogue and discussion of clinical process from multiple viewpoints.

Our newly created website offers a unique feature for its readership. Readers are invited to post comments and queries to the author of a featured paper in the current volume which will be responded to by the author; this creation of a conversation makes for an active forum of exchange. The aim is to convert the reading of papers from the mere acquisition of information to an interactive and potentially transformative dialogue.