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To Submit a Paper for Publication

Kindly submit new manuscripts as an e-mail attachment in MS Word to:
Claudia Lament, Ph.D.,
Managing Editor

Notes to Authors Submitting Manuscripts:
The editorial board gives special consideration to those submissions that reflect an appreciation of the multidimensional complexity that characterizes the lives of children. The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child privileges the view that developmental processes are comprised of many factors—a confluence of constitutional and environmental—that perpetually re-organize over the passage of growth.  This is an approach to development that defies deterministic outcomes and the elevation of single causal features to account for health and disturbance.

Matters of Confidentiality:
When reporting a patient's clinical data in the submission, it is important for the author to include pertinent information to the editors with respect to how matters of confidentiality are handled.  As every manuscript presents unique challenges in this regard, the editors may elect to directly discuss this issue with the author.